Jill Babcock

Jillian Babcock is a personal development writer for Leaders Media. Previously, she was a senior content writer at Ancient Nutrition, covering many wellness topics. Before that, Jillian worked in advertising in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. She and her husband own a local wellness center and a thriving yoga studio in their community. She graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Psychology and marketing. She joined Leaders in October, 2022.

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adhd at work

Neurodivergent people often have a high level of creativity and innovative thinking.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
work personality types

Work personality types refer to how individuals approach and engage with work tasks, coworkers, and their environments.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
side hustles from home

Side hustles from home help you earn extra income and achieve financial independence.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
type a personality

Having a Type A personality means you’re driven, goal-oriented, and reliable, but also prone to stress.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff