Jill Babcock

Jillian Babcock is a personal development writer for Leaders Media. Previously, she was a senior content writer at Ancient Nutrition, covering many wellness topics. Before that, Jillian worked in advertising in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space. She and her husband own a local wellness center and a thriving yoga studio in their community. She graduated from Fairfield University with a degree in Psychology and marketing. She joined Leaders in October, 2022.

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creative brief

A well-crafted creative brief establishes clear goals for a project and provides direction.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
how to handle criticism

Improve your EQ and relationships by learning how to handle criticism.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
narcissists in the workplace

Narcissistic bosses do whatever it takes to gain success and power.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff
type d personality

Type D people are prone to emotional suppression and poor coping skills for stress.

by Jill Babcock Leaders Staff