Leaders Media is redefining what it means to lead. Through our unbiased and compelling news and analysis, we’re cultivating a platform for purpose-driven leaders, infusing the business-media world with a much-needed dose of integrity, wisdom, and hope. And through our Master Classes, we are teaching, cultivating, and inspiring a community of servant-leaders who are on a mission to change the world.

What We Do

  • Breaking News – Provide fact-based, unbiased news in a crisp and readable format on business, technology, finance, crypto, wealth, and leadership. 
  • Education and Inspiration – Provide tried-and-truth-centric articles about personal growth, leadership, wealth-building, business development, and innovation.
  • Master Classes – Deliver practical tactics and strategic thinking, in a structured course-like program, from proven experts in their fields. 

Executive Team

Josh Axe – Founder and CEO

Josh Axe is Founder and CEO of Leaders Media. Dr. Axe, as he is known around the world, is also the founder of  Dr.Axe.com and Co-Founder of Ancient Nutrition, and the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books.

Shannon Terry – Chairman of the Board

Shannon Terry co-founded Leaders Media. Shannon has more than 25 years experience in sports and entertainment media, having founded 247Sports (acquired by CBS Sports), Pop Culture Media (acquired by CBS Interactive), and Rivals.com (acquired by Yahoo!).

Core Values

Servant Leadership 

Provide the tools and guidance to help our audience become servant leaders obsessed with adding value and helping others grow to their maximum potential. 

Purpose-Driven Business 

Inspire leaders to have a purpose, a mission, and a life of significance that will influence people for good and make earth a heavenly place.

Excellence in Everything 

Be a resource to encourage everyone to do everything with excellence, to give 100%, and run to win the race.

Committed to Constant Growth 

Stay humble and hungry. To encourage our audience to remain humble and hungry and take ownership in all areas of their life, committing to grow personally and professionally every day.


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