Editorial Policy

Leaders Media is redefining what it means to lead. Through our unbiased and compelling news, education, and analysis, we’re cultivating a platform for a purpose-driven life, infusing the business-media world with a much-needed dose of integrity, wisdom, and hope.

We strive to ensure that every article supports this mission. Each of our writers is pledged to follow our editorial policies, a portion of which are shared below. 


Our editorial mission provides fact-based reporting about business, technology, wealth, and leadership. Our team of professional, full-time staff writers connects with first-hand sources to offer insights through data, stories, and research, not through the writers’ own point of view.

At Leaders Media, our editorial process is guided by these five editorial values…

  • Truth – A false means to a good end is not a good end at all. We follow our mission without compromising adherence to the unbiased truth. Our commitment is to share the truth, and only the truth, in every way.
  • Fairness – Each of our stories will represent multiple points of view. We advocate both time-honored themes as well as new, data-driven vantage points. 
  • Credible and Research-Based – The integrity of our articles is paramount. We aim to deliver well-researched articles through frequent expert interviews, well-sourced concepts, and vetted studies.
  • Unbiased – News, inspiration, and education at Leaders Media are not beholden to third parties. Facts speak for themselves, and do need to be spun to align with someone’s predetermined agenda. Advertisers and sponsors do not influence editorial judgment, and the Leaders Media owners are also its operators, who are guided by its mission. 
  • Integrity – Striving to bring more virtue into the world, we embrace love, justice, honesty, and wisdom. We vow to be honorable in our coverage and content. 

Process and Conduct 

Leaders Media staff members gather data, facts, and expert insights and analysis to help our audience make smarter, better-informed decisions. Our writers gather and report the news—allowing facts, stories, insights, and analysis from expert sources to speak through them. We aim to present the information in a concise, readable way to respect the readers’ time and attention.

Though our news articles are timely when first published, they continue to be accessible long after they were first released. Our editorial team continually evaluates the articles across our site to flag any containing information known to be out-of-date. Such articles are updated, rewritten, or removed. All articles that have been edited after their original date of publication will be clearly labeled as such.

Our writers are dedicated to maintaining professionalism with all sources, in writing, in person, on social media, and wherever they interact with sources. If a person, organization, or company is portrayed negatively, we will contact that person or an organization representative for clarification before publication. 

We will cite sources in our articles when relevant and appropriate unless the fact or figure is widely known and commonly available at many sources. While not all sources are cited, we will always provide attribution to other news organizations if they are a source of our information.

Quality and Standards

Leaders Media is a staff-driven editorial organization. We believe personal character is integral to producing content that educates and inspires purpose-driven servant leadership. As such, the majority of our staff consists of full-time, staff writers hired on the basis of character, core values, and qualifications.

Leaders Media strives for each article to be world-class. Our readers are welcome to submit feedback or corrections to [email protected]. We honor all requests and will work quickly to review each one. 

Ethics and Integrity

Leaders’ editorial teams are committed to writing with integrity in all aspects, including following the Codes of Ethics of the Society for Advancing Business Editing and Writing (SABEW). All editorial decisions are completely and wholly separate from third-party interests, including advertisers. Any sponsored content is clearly labeled as such. Additionally, Leaders Media complies with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) standards concerning disclosures, where applicable.

Leaders Media values inclusion and compassion. We work with a wide array of industry leaders and make intentional efforts to speak through their diverse voices. 

Updated July 25, 2022