what does a property manager do
Real Estate

What Does a Property Manager Do? A Guide For Property Owners

Is hiring a property manager the right thing to do? That’s the question many property owners have asked themselves as…

by Colin Baker
revenue vs profit

Revenue vs Profit: You’ll Want to Know the Difference

In most cases, running a business is all about survival. Companies scratch and claw as they try to reach the…

by Colin Baker
how to start a non profit

How to Start a Nonprofit and Incorporate It in 6 Steps

So, you’re interested in learning how to start a nonprofit? Founding a nonprofit organization (NPO) is a philanthropic, charitable endeavor.…

by Hannah L. Miller
getting out of debt Leaders.com

How to Get Out of Debt: 8 Strategies for Financial Freedom

Does your debt worry you? A survey conducted by Capital One reported “77 percent of Americans are anxious about their…

by Hannah L. Miller
angel investors Leaders.com

How to Know if Angel Investors are Right for You

What is an Angel Investor? Angel Investor Definition An angel investor is a high-net-worth individual (HNWI) who offers financial assistance…

by Hannah L. Miller
unicorn companies Leaders.com

Are Unicorn Companies on the Rise?

What is a Unicorn Company?  The Definition of a Unicorn Company A unicorn company is a privately-owned startup business with…

by Hannah L. Miller
what is kickstarter

How Does Kickstarter Work?

Many people starting a business don’t have the funding needed to launch. For example, without a great credit history, most…

by Hannah L. Miller
Bitcoin Leaders.com

What is Bitcoin? Find Out With This Investment Guide

Bitcoin (BTC) is making some early investors millionaires in a few short months. While there are no guarantees when it…

by PJ Howland
sara blakely
Women in Business

Sara Blakely: 7 Lessons from a Self-Made Billionaire

“Can you see my underwear?” It’s a question every woman has asked her friends at some point—one that Sara Blakely,…

by Hannah L. Miller
make money online

Make Money Online Using These 10 Different Strategies

Interested in starting an online business or learning how to make money from home? Making money online is mainly about…

by Hannah L. Miller