Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes

  • DOB:

    March 16, 1983

  • Age:


  • Country:

    United States

  • Resides:

    Los Angeles, CA

  • Hometown:

    Delaware, OH

  • Known For:

    2X Bestselling author and podcast host

  • Spouse/Partner:

    Martha Higareda

  • Religion:


  • Education:

    Principa College



Lewis Howes is an accomplished lifestyle entrepreneur, business coach, author, and motivational speaker. He is recognized for his work in the field of personal and professional development, with a particular focus on helping individuals achieve their goals and live their best lives. A former professional football player and two-sport All-American, Howes created a top ranked podcast called School of Greatness, which has over 100 million downloads and 1,400 episodes. His book of the same name became a New York Times bestseller.[1]


  • Keynote speaker
  • Host of The School of Greatness podcast
  • New York Times bestselling author The School of Greatness.

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About Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes was born on March 16, 1983, in Delaware, Ohio. He grew up in a family of five, and was the middle child. Howes had a difficult childhood, as his father was an alcoholic and his family was often struggling financially. He has also discussed in interviews being sexually abused at five years old, dealing with the emotional impacts of bullying, and feeling isolated throughout childhood. Despite these challenges, Howes remained determined and focused on achieving success, especially in sports.[2]

Howes’ biggest passion growing up was football, and he played it throughout his childhood and high school years. He attended and played at Principia College and Capital University. However, his football career was cut short by a wrist injury during his senior year. This was a major setback for Howes and left him without a future plan. He moved into his sister’s home and slept on her couch for a year and a half before moving forward with new opportunities.[3] 


Howes was a two-sport All-American in football and handball. He’s the former world record holder for most receiving yards in a single football game at 418 yards and played on the USA Men’s National Handball team.[4] 

Howes started playing professional football in 2007, playing in the Arena Football League and working his way into the NFL. In his second game of his rookie season, however, he injured his wrist, putting his athletic career on hold.[2]

The School of Greatness

In the wake of his football injury, Howes started his own business that involved teaching people how to use LinkedIn, a website that was just beginning to gain traction. He began connecting with influential people and showing them how to navigate the site and get noticed. Over time, demand for his services increased significantly. He eventually began hosting live workshops and networking events. After publishing his first book, LinkedWorking and traveling frequently to hold workshops and book events, he sold his consulting company.[5] 

In 2013, at age 29, Howes launched his podcast, School of Greatness. It includes interviews with influential figures across several industries. Howes explores multiple themes in his podcast episodes and interviews, including finding happiness, building your business, dating, and unlocking the power of your mind. “The goal of the School of Greatness is to share inspiring stories from the most brilliant business minds, world class athletes, and influential celebrities on the planet,” Howes wrote on his LinkedIn profile.[2] [6]

Today, Howes has released over 1,400 episodes of his School of Greatness podcast. He currently serves as the CEO of Greatness Media, which includes his podcast, live events, coaching programs, social media presence, and books. He has had more than 250 million downloads and 5 million social media followers.[7] [6]

Howes is a keynote speaker and continues to offer coaching programs in the field of personal and professional development.[8] 


In 2009, he co-wrote and published LinkedWorking and did a seven-city book tour, using LinkedIn to promote his appearances.[9] 

In 2012, he published The Ultimate Webinar Marketing Guide, in which he discusses how he used webinars as his go-to business tool and way to communicate with clients.[10] 

The School of Greatness was published in 2015 and includes essential tips and habits that Howes gathered from the many interviews he conducted since the launch of his podcast. The book provides a framework for personal development and actionable resources.[11] 

The Mask of Masculinity: How Men Can Embrace Vulnerability, Create Strong Relationships, and Live Their Fullest Lives was published in 2017. In his book, Howes exposes the “ultimate emptiness of the Material Mask, the man who chases wealth above all things.” Howes explains that power of showing emotion and vulnerability, and how to break down walls that are holding people back.[12] 

The Millionaire Morning was published in 2017 and discusses the mindset, habits, and routines of millionaires.[13] 


Howes has been featured in several media outlets and television programs, including Good Morning America, The Today Show, ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and Men’s Health.[14]

Howes was recognized by the White House and President Obama as one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the country under 30 years old.[14] [15] 


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