Savannah Young

Savannah Young is a news writer for Leaders Media. Previously, she was a digital reporter for WATE Channel 6 (ABC) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to that she graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Communications focusing in Public Relations with an emphasis in English and Literature. She has a strong news background with a focus in digital media. She joined Leaders in July 2022.

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A man rides an electric bicycle near the pier in Huntington Beach, CA

A new tax credit has been proposed for electric bicycles

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
TikTok influencers Bria Alana (left), Tanisha Coetzee (middle), and Tianna Singer (right) pose during An Afternoon With TikTok's "Girls In The Valley"

To leverage its popularity, ByteDance is launching another app—Lemon8

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
In the book Picture Yourself a Leader: Illustrated Micro-Lessons For Navigating Change, author Elisabeth Swan offers insight to readers by sharing stories of leaders who have overcome issues in life and in the workplace

A guide to navigating leadership in life and in the workplace

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
"Escape To Margaritaville" Opening Night

Creating a 10-figure fortune from tropical tunes and margaritas

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff