Savannah Young

Savannah Young is a news writer for Leaders Media. Previously, she was a digital reporter for WATE Channel 6 (ABC) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Prior to that she graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a degree in Communications focusing in Public Relations with an emphasis in English and Literature. She has a strong news background with a focus in digital media. She joined Leaders in July 2022.

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One week after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed, the bank’s parent company—SVB Financial Group—filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
Author of Trust Your Increments: How Small, Consistent Steps Can Lead To Massive Success Laura Casselman
by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
Amy Chang one of the TikTok beauty creators partnering with Sephora

The makeup giant is partnering with TikTok creators to expand brands

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff

Many top business leaders started the year optimistically

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff
LIV Golf is another legal battle, but this time with a Florida nightclub attempting to block the fledging league’s trademark registration

A famous Miami nightclub is fighting the league for its trademark

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff

The automaker is breaking into the electric market with low cost car

by Savannah Young Leaders Staff