Hannah L. Miller

Hannah L. Miller, MA, is the senior editor for Leaders Media. Since graduating with her Master of Arts in 2015, she has grown a career as a writer, editor, and content director for companies producing up to $500 million in revenue per year. From working at boutique agencies to advising as an independent consultant, Hannah has gained over seven years of experience in the digital marketing and digital publishing industries. Her areas of expertise include entrepreneurship, leadership, biographies, and editorial direction. Hannah began working for Leaders Media in March 2020.

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strengths based leadership

How do leaders ensure the people they’ve hired work together as a team to achieve the company’s top objectives that…

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charasmatic leadership

You never hear charismatic leaders describing themselves as charismatic, although others might label them as such. This is because charisma is a…

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open communication

Lack of open communication is like playing the children’s game telephone. Remember the one where the leader whispers a message…

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shared leadership

Consider ways to share power with others at work

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