emotional exhaustion
Personal Growth

Emotional Exhaustion: Recognizing the Signs

Have you ever had one of those days where you had to drag yourself out of bed and force yourself…

by Colin Baker
how to be a good manager

How to Be a Good Manager: 8 Tips You Can Start Using Today

Do you remember when you led a team for the first time? Your job changed fundamentally because your role transitioned…

by Colin Baker
marketing concepts
Marketing and Sales

5 Marketing Fails and the Marketing Concepts to Learn from Them

The right marketing concepts can do wonders for a company. Just think about the 1984 Super Bowl ad from Apple.…

by Colin Baker
speech outline
Public Speaking

Speech Outline: How to Get the Most Out of Your Next Speech

Contrary to many politicians, Winston Churchill wrote all of his speeches. From his famous “We shall fight on the beaches”…

by Colin Baker
threat of new entrants

Threat of New Entrants: Get to Know One of Porter’s Five Forces

How competitive is your industry? As you look to keep your business growing, you’ll likely be aware of your competitors…

by Colin Baker
what does a property manager do
Real Estate

What Does a Property Manager Do? A Guide For Property Owners

Is hiring a property manager the right thing to do? That’s the question many property owners have asked themselves as…

by Colin Baker
Nikola Tesla

14 Nikola Tesla Quotes to Inspire You

Known as one of the most innovative minds of his time, Nikola Tesla has a legacy and influence that endures…

by Colin Baker
revenue vs profit

Revenue vs Profit: You’ll Want to Know the Difference

In most cases, running a business is all about survival. Companies scratch and claw as they try to reach the…

by Colin Baker
scope creep

Scope Creep: Know the Causes and How to Handle It

The excitement of a new project can feel incredible at first. Filled with a great deal of energy, you rush…

by Colin Baker
rhetorical strategies
Public Speaking

8 Rhetorical Strategies to Persuade Your Audience

If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who thinks the opposite of you, then you know how challenging it…

by Colin Baker
How to Start a Speech
Public Speaking

How to Start a Speech: 9 Tips You Can Use

Imagine standing in front of an eager audience, every pair of eyes on you. You only have a moment to…

by Colin Baker
Leila Janah
Women in Business

Leila Janah: A Legacy of Service Lives On

“Work is at the core of human dignity.” These are the words Leila Janah used to describe her life’s work…

by Colin Baker