Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie Robertson Huff

  • DOB:

    June 11, 1997

  • Age:


  • Country:

    United States

  • Resides:

    Monroe, LA

  • Hometown:

    Monroe, LA

  • Known For:

    Duck Dynasty

  • Spouse/Partner:

    Christian Huff

  • Religion:




Sadie Robertson is an American reality television personality, author, and content creator. She’s best known for her appearances on the A&E reality television series Duck Dynasty. The show follows the lives of the Robertson family, who run a business selling duck calls and other hunting merchandise.[1] Robertson is also a speaker, delivering motivational speeches and advocating for young people to stay true to their values. She’s the creator of the Live Original (LO) blog and app, as well as the author of several best-selling books.[2] [3]


  • Appeared with her family on Duck Dynasty
  • Best-selling author
  • Placed 2nd on Dancing with the Stars
  • Founder of Live Original

About Sadie Robertson

Sadie Robertson was born on June 17, 1997, in West Monroe, Louisiana. She’s the granddaughter of Phil Robertson, the founder of the Duck Commander company, and the daughter of Willie Robertson, who is the CEO of the company.[1] 

The Robertson family gained fame when they appeared on Duck Dynasty from 2012 to 2017. Overall, the Robertsons are a tight-knit, religious family with a strong sense of tradition and family values.[4] They’re also known for their humor, long beards, and quirky personalities.

The family patriarch, Phil Robertson, is a former football player with strong Christian faith and conservative views.[4] Phil’s wife, Kay Robertson, is also a prominent figure in the show, known for her cooking and her love for her family. The couple has four adult children: Alan, Jase, Willie, and Jep. Willie Robertson and Korie Robertson are Sadie’s parents. She has five siblings: John, Rebecca, Will, Bella, and Rowdy.[5][6]

Aside from their reality show, the Robertsons have also been praised for their philanthropic work, particularly through their support of the Mia Moo Fund, which raises money and awareness for cleft lip and palate research.[7]

Television Career

Robertson’s TV career started when she became a prominent figure on the family’s show, appearing in numerous episodes and specials. She’s been outspoken about her Christian faith and family values since appearing on the show. According to her website, she’s known for having a positive attitude and lots of energy.[2] 

Each episode of Duck Dynasty typically features the family engaging in activities such as hunting, fishing, and spending time together. The show also focuses on the family’s Christian faith and often includes segments where they discuss their beliefs and how they apply them to their daily lives.[8] 

After her time on Duck Dynasty, Sadie went on to compete on the 19th season of the popular dance competition show Dancing with the Stars, where she was partnered with professional dancer Mark Ballas and finished in second place.[9] 

Robertson has pursued a career as a speaker and author, sharing her experiences and insights on topics such as faith, family, and personal growth. She also contributed to her family’s chart-topping Christmas album called Duck the Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas.

In addition, she’s appeared as a guest on various talk shows, including Entertainment Tonight and others.[10] 

Live Original, Blog, and Podcast

In 2014, Robertson founded the blog and lifestyle brand called Live Original. According to Live Original’s website, the company “started as a place for women to experience the gospel of Jesus through our blog, conference, events, podcast, and most recently, our LO sister app.”[2]

When starting LO—which recommends various clothing brands, books, beauty products, and more—Robertson aimed to be “a sister and a friend to those who don’t have one.”[2][6] She also consistently weaves her Christian faith into her writing, website, and media appearances. She says, “My hope is that through all of our different platforms, your love for God and people will grow and your knowledge of His love for you will blow you away.”[2]

In addition to Live Original, Robertson also hosts the WHOA That’s Good podcast, which “welcomes you into meaningful conversations with authors, athletes, musicians, speakers, and stars of film and television in search of the answer to just one question: What is the best advice you have ever been given?”[11]

Robertson also founded the organization called One Squad, which helps inspire young people around the world to come together to make an impact.[12] Additionally, she has partnered with World Vision, a Christian organization, to help end child poverty. World Vision states that “We are not a handout. We come alongside children, families, and communities to provide tools, training, and hope so they can become self-sufficient.”[13]


Robertson has written several books focused on self-development, personal growth, faith, and purpose, including:[3]

Her 2015 book, Live Original, became a New York Times bestseller and kickstarted the Live Original Tours, which have featured stops in more than 45 different cities.[14][15] Robertson also regularly releases content on her YouTube channel, which has over 580,000 followers. Her videos feature “Biblical encouragement, words of affirmation, inspirational stories, relationship advice, and other positive messages.”[16]

Net Worth and Personal Life

Robertson is married to Christian Huff, a former collegiate athlete who played baseball at Harding University in Arkansas. The couple met in the summer of 2018 and started dating soon after. They got engaged in June 2019 and tied the knot in November 2020 in a ceremony that took place in Louisiana.[17]

Sadie and Christian have one daughter together named Honey James Huff, who was born in 2021. They often share photos and updates about their relationship on social media, such as Robertson’s Instagram account, which has nearly 5 million followers.[18] The couple also regularly discuss their beliefs about their strong Christian faith and commitment to each other and their family. Robertson announced in late 2022 that the couple is expecting their second child in June of 2023.[19]

It’s estimated that Robertson’s net worth is about $1 million, which she has earned from TV appearances, book sales, her app, and her blog. Her father, Wilie, is estimated to have a net worth of about $40 million, making him one of the wealthiest Robertson family members.


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