Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen

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    United Kingdom

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    West Sussex, England

  • Hometown:

    Essex, England

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  • Education:

    Colchester Institute



Jennifer Tuffen is a British content creator, travel photographer, and social media influencer. She’s known as @izkiz on Instagram, with over 2.8 million followers.[1] Tuffen is considered one of the top travel influencers in the world, known for her colorful and whimsical images from across the globe.[2] Her account is popular among people who enjoy creative and artistic photography and those interested in travel and lifestyle content. Tuffen’s distinctive style and success have allowed her to work with a number of major brands, including hotels, travel companies, media outlets, and beauty brands, such as TripAdviser, Forbes, Four Seasons, and BudgetAir.[3]


  • Over 2.5 million followers on Instagram
  • Has popular travel blog

About Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen was born in Essex, England. She grew up in the Netherlands in a town outside of Amsterdam. Tuffen attended a number of different international schools, including 

The Alberdingk Thijm School, as her family moved around. Moving often helped to inspire her love of traveling and learning about other cultures.[4] She says, “International schools definitely shaped me into the person I am today. I had friends from all over the world, and I learned from a very early age about different cultures, religions, and countries, as there were so [many] different nationalities in my class at school.”[5] 

Tuffen started her photography journey when she was just eight years old after getting her first iPhone. By 19 years old, she was taking photos more regularly as a hobby while she was studying at university. She studied travel and tourism at the Colchester Institute.[5]  

Over time, Jennifer’s passion for photography grew, and she began to develop her own unique style. She eventually turned her hobby into a full-time career as she became an influencer and ambassador for various brands. She moved to Turkey for a period of time while building her career before returning back home to England, where she now lives in West Sussex.[5] 

Photography and Social Media Following

Tuffen started the Izkiz Instagram account in June 2011. She “wanted a short, catchy name” and says, “It’s very random, but ‘iz’ comes from the first two letters of the city in Turkey that i was living in then, and ‘kiz’ means girl in Turkish. Voilà—izkiz was born!”[3] 

Tuffen’s style of photography is known for its use of vibrant colors, playful compositions, and dreamy atmospheres. She’s also mastered the art of storytelling through her photography, often incorporating personal anecdotes, emotions, and memories into her social media posts.[6] 

Media outlets, including Tripzilla, Airinfluencer, NetInfluencer, and many others, have called Tuffen one of the most famous IG travel photographers to follow.[7][8][9] Tuffen engages with her followers and community through comments and captions, providing insights into her creative process and personal life. Her authenticity and relatable personality have both contributed to her popularity on Instagram and elsewhere. Her IG account really began drawing a crowd in mid-2022, following the pandemic, and now averages about 8,400 to 8,700 likes per post, along with about 250 comments.[10][11] 

Tuffen currently lives in the United Kingdom and often travels to various destinations around the world for her photography work, such as Spain, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, and many others. She has stated that she speaks multiple languages: English, Dutch, and Turkish.[6]  When asked how she can afford to travel so much, she answers, “A lot of my travel is sponsored by a brand, hotel, or tourism board, and transportation, food, hotel, and activities are always included.”[3] 

On average, Tuffen creates posts about once per week on Instagram or about 4–5 times per month.[10] In addition to sharing travel pictures on Instagram, she also posts to her personal website, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Website and App

To accompany her Instagram account, in 2011, Tuffen started a website and blog in to share more in-depth tips on travel destinations, hotels, and “lifestyle” topics, such as her favorite skin care products and apps.[3] She refers to her website as “my little corner of the internet where I can show you behind the scenes of the photos I post on Instagram, write reviews about the hotels I’ve stayed in, talk about the products I love, and post some of the zillions of photos I take on a daily basis.”[3] 

In addition to posting numerous photos, Tuffen publishes travel guides on her blog to guide her followers when planning travel, such as by recommending specific restaurants and hotels to stay at. 

Tuffen describes her unique content creation style as “real girly girl” but also adventurous, noting that she “loves all things pink, dresses, make up . . . but I’ll also be the first to cliff dive, climb a tree, or roll around in mud.”[3] She attributes her success, including having a high engagement rate and continuous growth, to being relatable and fun.

Another one of Tuffen’s successful projects is a photo and video editing app that’s made specifically for travel photography, which was released in 2011.[12] She created the Izkiz app to help people edit and filter their own photos. She notes that she uses the app herself to edit her social media posts, saying “its overlays perfect all of your photos.”[3] The Izkiz app, which costs $0.99, is available in the Apple app store.


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