Graham Stephan

  • DOB:

    April 21, 1990

  • Age:


  • Country:

    United States

  • Resides:

    Las Vegas, NV

  • Hometown:

    Santa Monica, CA

  • Religion:


  • Education:

    University of California Los Angeles



Graham Stephan is a well-known American real estate agent, investor, and YouTube personality. He gained popularity through his YouTube channel where he provides advice and insights about real estate, personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship. Stephan’s content often focuses on sharing his own experiences with real estate investing, providing tips for financial success, and discussing various investment strategies.[1]

About Graham Stephan

Graham Stephan was born on April 22, 1990, in Santa Monica, California. He had an interest in finance and investing from a young age. He was raised in a middle-class family and learned about financial responsibility from his parents, who lived paycheck to paycheck, according to his YouTube videos.[2]

Stephan started working as a young teenager and began to value his time, preferring to work and earn money over attending school. Some days, he skipped school and chose to work instead and said that he had poor grades.[2] 

Stephan didn’t go to college and chose to get his real estate license shortly after his eighteenth birthday in 2008. He had only $5,000 saved from working part-time jobs during high school and he used that money to obtain his real estate license and get started in the industry. He found a niche in lease listing, which most established agents weren’t interested in representing, and made about $35,000 in his first nine months. He then began representing buyers for multimillion dollar homes, making large commissions and saving them.[2] 

Stephan focused on living frugally and saving a significant portion of his earnings. This approach, combined with his growing knowledge of real estate, played a pivotal role in his financial journey. He began buying foreclosed homes in cash and renting them out and continued working as a successful real estate agent.[2][3] 

Real Estate Career

Stephan made over a million dollars by 26 years old as a real estate agent and landlord. To date, he has sold over $130 million worth of residential real estate, with notable clients including Orlando Bloom, Suki Waterhouse, and LaVar Arrington. Outside of real estate sales, Stephan owns and manages six rental properties throughout Los Angeles and San Bernardino County.[1][4] 

Stephan later launched The Real Estate Agent Academy, where students learn how to become a successful agent “with a six-figure income” in step-by-step tutorials. The course enrollment fee is currently $497.[5][6] 


Stephan’s success in real estate investing, along with his engaging and informative content on YouTube, has garnered him a substantial following and made him a prominent figure in the personal finance and investing space. As of August 2023, Stephan’s YouTube channel has 4.4 million subscribers.[7][8] 

His channel explores topics related to finance and investing. One of his most popular videos, “How I Became A Millionaire in Real Estate By 26,” has over 3 million views and highlights Stephan’s early years in choosing to begin a career in real estate over attending college.[2] 

Some other popular videos by Stephan include:

  • “How I Bought a Tesla for $78 Per Month”[9] 
  • “How to Buy Your First Rental Property (Step by Step)”[10] 
  • “How to Get a Perfect Credit Score for $0”[11] 
  • “The Millionaire Investing Advice for Teenagers”[12]  

Graham Stephan Today

Stephan began a company called Bankroll Coffee, a concept that began when he noted the amount of money a person can save if they make their coffee at home. The brand doesn’t use expensive packaging and chooses economic sourcing to keep the prices as low as possible. Stephan explained in a video that he invested $13,000 to start the coffee company and makes about $2 in profit per bag. He is hoping that the brand grows on its own because it’s an affordable, high quality option for making coffee at home.[13] 

Stephan also co-hosts the Iced Coffee Hour Podcast with Jack Selby. For the podcast, the partners interview investors, entrepreneurs and creators every week to break down their paths to success.[14] 

Stephan has been featured in major publications including Business Insider, Forbes, and CNBC. He continues to be a leading influencer in the world of personal finance with his YouTube channel and podcast.[15][16] 


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