Million Dollar Business Method

It’s time to start thinking bigger.
Get the blueprint you need to reach the million dollar mark in your business (and build something you love).

Led by Josh Axe, Amy Porterfield, Andrew & Shawn Johnson East, and other industry experts.

Finally Hit The Million Dollar Mark In Your Business

Your business has huge potential, but how do you get there? No matter what you do, you can’t seem to hit the million dollar mark. You’re constantly putting out fires, feeling overwhelmed, and exhausted.

We’ve been where you are now, and we’re here to tell you that building the business and life of your dreams is possible. That’s why we’ve combined everything we know about building a multi-million dollar business to save you years of your life and thousands of dollars in trial and error.

If you’re serious about breaking through the million dollar mark in your business, we’ll show you how to get there.

The Benefits of The Million Dollar Business Method

This isn’t about adding one more thing to your plate.
We are going to help you create more space, more time, and more clarity in your workweek.
The results? Massive momentum in your business.

Create time in your week for what matters most.

Do more of the work you love that builds real momentum.

Build a strong team that is excited to come to work.

Get the blueprint experts use to scale multi-million dollar businesses.

Build product offers that ‘wow’ your customers.

Learn to scale your business with strong purpose and vision.

Dr. Dave Touhill with Josh Axe speaking in front of a group

This Is What They
Don’t Teach You
In Business School.

We’re going to teach you:

  • How to lead with a strong purpose and vision.
  • How to cultivate a strong team culture where your team loves showing up for work.
  • Key hires and delegation tactics (that will take you from working overtime to vacation).
  • How to create scalable systems that help you build massive momentum.
  • How to create an offer that absolutely wows your customers.

Learn How These Experts Built Multi-Million Dollar Companies

Josh Axe

Learn how Josh Axe scaled Ancient Nutrition from $0 to $100 million in annual revenue, and how he grew a purpose-driven team on a mission to change the world.

Josh Axe is the founder and CEO of Leaders Media. Dr. Axe—as he is known around the world—is also the Founder of and Co-Founder of Ancient Nutrition, and the author of multiple New York Times bestselling books.

Josh Axe

Other Instructors

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert & educator, speaker, trainer, and consultant for young entrepreneurs and professionals looking to maximize their digital reach and engagement.

Andrew East & Shawn Johnson East

Andrew East & Shawn Johnson East

Andrew and Shawn Johnson East are world-renowned social media influencers with follower count and revenue in the multi-millions.

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter

Shanda Sumpter is the owner and queen visionary of Heartcore Business–an eight-figure coaching program that gives entrepreneurs powerful systems they can use to create profitable, sustainable businesses.

Vani Hari

Vani Hari

Vani Hari is a revolutionary food activist. She is the founder and CEO the multi-million dollar company Food Babe, New York Times bestselling author and mom of two. Learn how she scaled her mission driven business to millions.

Karlton Dennis

Karlton Dennis

Karlton Dennis is the founder and CEO of Tax Alchemy. He is a business development manager who specializes in tax strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Dave Touhill

Dave Touhill

Dave Touhill is an innovative product and marketing strategist who has helped scale more than 30 businesses to the $1 million mark. He bridges the gap between the vision and the strategic plan–designing strategies and processes that are scalable and provide long-term revenue and growth.

Isaac & Steph Meeks

Isaac & Stephanie Meek

Learn how this power couple scaled Five Daughters Bakery from a small family-owned business to a household brand with more than 120 team members and six locations across multiple states.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennet is the founder and chairman of the board of 97th Floor. In a few short years, he went from running the business from his basement to working with major sports teams in the NBA and NFL. He is also an avid angel investor and a serial entrepreneur.

What You’ll Learn In The Million Business Dollar Method

Every class includes an advanced video training, exercises, playbook, and implementation strategies.

Section 1: Transformational Mindset
  • Goals & Vision with Josh Axe
  • Productivity and Time Management with Josh Axe (LIMITED TIME BONUS)
  • How to Become a Level 10 Leader that the World Wants to Follow with Josh Axe
  • Mindset of Building a Million Dollar Business with Shanda Sumpter
  • Mission Driven Business (Case Study) with Vani Hari
Section 2: Brand & Product Development
  • Building a World-Class Brand with Josh Axe
  • How to Create Products and Services that Wow with Josh Axe
  • How to Create a Six-Figure Online Course with Amy Porterfield
Section 3: Scale With Purpose
  • Business Strategy and Scaling with Josh Axe
  • Systems for Scaling with Josh Axe
  • Building Your Dream Team with Josh Axe
  • Team Culture and Core Values with Josh Axe
  • Tax Strategies for Entrepreneurs / Small Business with Karlton Dennis
  • Wealth Building with Karlton Dennis
Section 4: Marketing
  • Social Media with Andrew & Shawn Johnson East
  • Marketing Flywheel with Dave Touhill (LIMITED TIME BONUS)
Section 5: Case Studies & Extras
  • Entrepreneurship 101 with Chris Bennett
  • Angel Investing 101 with Chris Bennett
  • Five Daughters Case Study with Isaac & Stephanie Meek (LIMITED TIME BONUS)

Plus These Limited Time Bonuses . . .


Immediately create more time in your week to do more of what you love, and less of what steals your momentum.


Learn how Isaac and Stephanie Meek went from 80 hour workweeks down to less than 10 hours a week and built a family-centered donut empire in the Five Daughters Case Study.


Most funnels work from the top to the bottom. This method creates a cyclical wheel of engagement that excites your customers and turns them into super fans.

Ready To Get Started? Choose Your Plan.

Choose from the payment options below.

“This Method is priceless! We’ve created so much freedom in our lives and business using these principles. I cannot recommend it more!” -Stephanie Meek

One Time Payment

$1950/ Total (Save 10% Paying Up Front)

For All Classes and Sessions

  • Instant Access to 9 Expert Instructors, 15+ Lessons, 90 Videos
  • 150+ Page Million Dollar Playbook and Audio Files
  • BONUS 1: Time Management and Productivity
  • BONUS 2: 10-Hour Workweek and Family-Centered Business
  • BONUS 3: Million Dollar Marketing Plan
Payment Plan

$348/ 6 monthly installments ($2090 total)

(Auto billed monthly) For All Classes And Sessions

  • Instant Access to 9 Expert Instructors, 15+ Lessons, 90 Videos
  • 150+ Page Million Dollar Playbook and Audio Files
  • BONUS 1: Time Management and Productivity
  • BONUS 2: 10-Hour Workweek and Family-Centered Business
  • BONUS 3: Million Dollar Marketing Plan

The Million Dollar Method Results

“Growing your business takes a lot of letting go. Once you start allowing other people to grow and take those jobs from you, you expand the amount you can do, and you find people who can do it better than you did. You need great players, and you need to recognize where you fit in the group.”

Ben GalyardtFt. Collins, CO

The leadership aspect [of this method] has been really huge. Learning how to lead, and how to position [my team] so they’re playing in a position of strength.

Mckenzie WhelanOrange, VA

The biggest change for me was being able to regain confidence. Seeing my numbers grow, being able to reach people I never thought I could reach. . . This gave me the roadmap to be able to do it!

Heather EltonLincoln, NE
Josh Axe speaking

What Features Does the Course Include?

  • All 15+ lessons, 90 videos
  • Audio-only lessons
  • Download and watch offline (select plans)
  • 150 page Million Dollar Playbook
  • Watch on desktop, TV, or mobile devices
Still Not Sure? The Million Dollar Business Method FAQ
Are there any prerequisites before starting this method? 

No, but it does take courage, confidence, and a generous heart to build a successful million dollar business. 

This method is perfect for you if:

  1. Your business is 0-3 years old.
  2. You’re creating a new product line for their existing brand.
  3. You feeling stuck in their business growth. 

Inside this method you’ll learn everything you need to know to build and scale your purpose-driven business. This course is for anyone who is serious about creating real growth results, flexibility, freedom, and impact.

Why this course vs. others out there? Or vs. hiring a business coach?

Maybe you’re thinking “I’ve tried stuff like this before that didn’t work.” 

The Million Dollar Business Method is like hiring a full stack team of nine business coaches and mentors who have actually built and scaled multi-million dollar businesses. You get to download their best wisdom and lessons to guide you to millionaire success at your own pace.

We’re not telling you what to think. Instead, we’re inviting you to think differently, by empowering you with the right questions, tools, frameworks, and outlines.

Will I really have time to build and scale my own million dollar business?

This course is going to teach you how to create more time for what matters in your life and business.

Time is your most valuable asset, and you want to use that asset to help build your business and fulfill your goals and dreams. 

Important note: When you enroll now, you’ll get our bonus on “Time Management and Productivity” to learn how to become a master of time and prioritize your values.

How many hours will I need to invest each week?

The Million Dollar Business Method is self-paced.

Once you enroll, you’ll have instant access to all lessons (plus the bonuses) to build and scale your business at whatever speed your situation allows.

At a minimum, be ready to invest at least two to three hours per week. This small time investment will make a HUGE impact on your business. 

Depending on your pace, you can expect that in about four to six weeks you’ll be building and scaling your business in a purposeful, powerful, and profitable way.

What do I get if I enroll today?

When you enroll today, you’ll get instant access to the Million Dollar Business Method with 15+ lessons and 90 videos taught by nine industry experts. This program is self-paced, and includes detailed course notes and the tools you need to build and scale to a million dollars in your business with purpose and clarity.

Syllabus Overview

Part 1 – Transformational Mindset

Part 2 – Brand & Product Development

Part 3 – Scale with Purpose

Part 4 – Marketing

Part 5 – Case Studies & Bonuses

+ Million Dollar Business Method Playbook 

Exclusive 150+ page playbook that gives you a step-by-step action plan for building and scaling your business to hit the million dollar mark.

+ Three High-Impact Bonuses: 

Bonus #1:  Time Management and Productivity

Immediately create more time in your week to do more of what you love, and less of what steals your momentum.

Bonus #2:  The Keys To 10-Hour Workweek and Family-Based Business 

Learn how Isaac and Stephanie Meek went from 80-hour workweeks to less than 10 hours, and built a family-centered donut empire.

Bonus #3:  Million Dollar Marketing Plan
Learn Dave Touhill’s strategy for crafting a million dollar marketing plan. This is the same map he’s used to help scale more than 30 businesses to the $1 million mark.

AND you’ll get access to exclusive offers and discounts on future Leaders courses.

Is there a risk free guarantee?

We are committed to you if you’re committed to this method. That’s why we’re giving you a full 60 days to put the plan into action before making a final commitment.  If you do the work (details here) and decide this program is not right for you, just let us know and we will refund your investment.


We believe building a lasting business requires bold innovation, scalable systems,
servant leadership, and strong core values that serve humanity.